More Celebration

The stock of Celebration ale is still holding out, as is the Ipswich Winter Mix.

001The Winter Ale from Ipswich was enjoyable–dark malt that suggested more caramel than chocolate and nicely offset the red pepper flakes in the pasta dish pictured here.

002I overwhelmed the flavor of the flagship Ipswich Ale by undercooking the onions in that night’s stir-fry, so I’ll have to pay more attention to my cooking and to the flavors in the beer with the next bottle. Lesson learned here is that there are some things that even good beer can’t improve.

In addition to dinner, there are other occasions that demand beer. This week, it was the NFL playoffs, specifically the Saturday night game where it turned out that pretzels and a Celebration were definitely in order if you live in Southern New England. (Go Patriots!)003

Beer adventures to look forward to in the next couple of weeks: perusing draft beer selections during several restaurant meals when the in-laws visit this coming weekend; a possible “field trip” with some friends to a local pub which prides itself on having dozens of beers on tap from which you can design a flight of your own choosing; and a couple of road trips where I will be able to look for local beers not available here at home.

Two new beers this week gives a total of five for 2014.  Not breaking any records here, but that wasn’t the goal, and as these get finished off I’ve decided to re-visit one old friend and also brought a new mix pack into the house.  Cheers!


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