Victory (Brewing)

Victory Brewing is a largish (ranked 28th in sales volume in 2013, according to Beer Advocate) Pennsylvania-based craft brewery with a wide variety of styles (as the variety of glassware in the picture on the mix pack clearly indicates).  IMG_0278[1] After the overdose on IPA’s, this was a nice way to try some different varieties, including at least one that’s a more suitable summer beer.

The Golden Monkey Belgian-style tripel was probably my personal least favorite, but it had a lot of body and a nice fruity aroma.  (Maybe it’s the Belgian yeast that puts me off a bit?)

I don’t remember what we had for dinner with the Prima Pils,IMG_0292[1] but it gave me an opportunity to get out a pilsner glass, and I do remember that this was a pleasant, refreshing beer for a summer evening.

The Hop Devil IPA didn’t distinguish itself from the crowd of other IPA’s I’ve been trying, which means that it was good but not spectacular.  IMG_0293[1]We did have a nice outdoor dinner of chicken dal (“dal” is basically a lentil mush with curry spices) with this particular beer, which is a nice, relatively easy dinner that starts with a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket.

The Headwaters American Pale Ale was probably my overall favorite from this batch, maybe because it was different enough from the IPA’s that I felt like it was a little more novel.  IMG_0294[1]And even though it’s obviously the same salad (and the same salad dressing in the background), this night’s dinner was a nice summer treat with fresh green beans plus shrimp and tomatoes all tossed with pesto made from basil grown in containers on our front porch to make it a somewhat local dinner, as we like to try and do during the summertime.

This mix pack brings the blog total up to 86, and a few more already “on tap” (bad pun–sorry!) actually have the tally at close to 100 as we approach the middle of July.  As promised, the next post will revisit the question the question of what exactly defines a craft brewery in the context of a couple of fairly recognizable names with somewhat complicated histories, but those can wait for a week or so.  For me, the week ahead is a chance to get some serious work done with one of the offspring out of town and the other at Chinese Camp all day, so it’s time to get my nose to the grindstone so that the family can enjoy some play time when August rolls around.  Cheers!


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