Burger, Bourbon, and Beer Bargain

This is a quick review of a single beer, since there are some longer pieces in the pipeline.

Last week we had the rare occasion of both boys being away for the evening–one at music camp for the entire week in upstate New Your and the other on an overnight visit with a friend on Cape Cod.  This gave us a chance for a grownup dinner out at Cook & Brown, a local restaurant that bills itself as “a modern, New England inspired version of a European Gastropub” which I can translate as meaning lots of fresh, local ingredients and a menu that changes frequently to reflect what’s in season and what the chef feels like creating.

Among the specials on this Wednesday night was a burger for $13, to which you could add a bourbon and a beer for a total of $20. Going by the prices on the menu, this was basically like getting the bourbon for free, which seemed like too good a deal to pass up, especially since burgers aren’t usually on the menu at home. (I also took advantage of the upgrade from potato chips to salad greens for another $1.50–still not much more than the two glasses of Italian wine that Dr. Mrs. Dr. Dave enjoyed that night.)  The Old Grand-Dad bourbon came in time to go with the bluefish fritters that we ended up sharing as an appetizer, and the corn sweetness of the bourbon was a nice complement to what tasted like corn-meal batter in the fritters.

The burger was tasty, not overly huge, and the beer that was offered with the special was a bottle of Lammsbrau organic pilsner from Germany.  IMG_0313The beer came in an unusually-shaped green bottle with a bulbous bottom and a long, narrow neck, and it had a flavor that is probably very true to the classic pilsner style.  The flavor reminded me of something very specific that I couldn’t quite place but that seemed to take me back to the time around 30 years ago when drinking imported beer from Europe was something exotic–I’m thinking maybe something like Löwenbräu (when it was being imported by Miller) or Grolsch (with the fancy flip-top bottles) or maybe just Heineken before it became ubiquitous here in the U.S.  All in all, it was a nice beer to go with a burger, and made for a pleasant evening.

That brings the tally to 95, but with a lot of variety in the house and possibly some local beers from the road coming in the next few weeks.  Cheers!


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